Only 4 left. Make sure you get it 😊

Rainbow Balance Builders Set

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Only 4 left. Make sure you get it 😊

Embark on a colorful journey of balance and creativity with our Rainbow Balance Builders Set! Crafted from smooth wooden blocks, this set offers endless opportunities for imaginative play and skill-building.

🔵 Colorful Wooden Blocks: Dive into a world of vibrant hues with 4 semi-circle blocks, 4 animal face blocks, 1 elephant-shaped semi-circle block, and 4 cylinder-shaped blocks, each in 4 different colors and 3 sizes.

🌟 Balance and Coordination: Challenge young minds to explore balance and coordination as they stack and arrange the colorful blocks, fostering spatial awareness and fine motor skills.

🐘 Creative Play: Encourage imaginative play and storytelling as children engage with the animal face blocks and elephant-shaped semi-circle, inspiring endless adventures and whimsical creations.

Country of Origin : China

Age : Suitable for 1+ years, Where Every Stack is a Work of Art! 🌈🐘

Earn 13 Reward Points


Only 4 left. Make sure you get it 😊

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Educational Benefits:

🧠 Mathematical Concepts: Introduce mathematical concepts such as size, shape, and color recognition as children explore the diverse attributes of the wooden blocks, laying the foundation for early math skills.

🤲 Fine Motor Development: Promote the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as children manipulate the blocks, refining their ability to grasp, stack, and balance objects.

🎨 Creative Expression: Foster creativity and self-expression as children experiment with different stacking patterns and arrangements, unleashing their imagination and artistic flair.

Benefits for Kids:

🎉 Joyful Learning Experience: Transform learning into a joyful adventure with the vibrant colors and engaging shapes of the Rainbow Balance Builders Set, inspiring curiosity and enthusiasm for exploration.

🧩 Hands-On Exploration: Encourage hands-on exploration and sensory discovery as children feel the smooth texture of the wooden blocks and experience the satisfaction of building and balancing.

👩‍🎨 Open-Ended Play: Promote open-ended play and self-directed learning as children invent their own games and challenges with the versatile wooden blocks, fostering independence and creativity.




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