We have tried to answer some of the questions that may occur to you.

Q. What is PodPoints?
A. PodPoints is our loyalty and rewards program designed to show our appreciation to our valued customers.

Q. How do I earn PodPoints?
A. Here’s a breakdown of the different ways you can accumulate PodPoints and unlock fantastic rewards:
Activity PodPoints Earned

  • Sign Up -> 50 PodPoints on successful sign up – after your first Order is Delivered
  • Making a purchase -> 2 PodPoints for every ₹100 spent
  • Referring a friend -> 50 PodPoints to you BOTH after your Friend’s first Order is delivered
  • Celebrating your Child’s birthday -> 50 PodPoints on your Little One’s special day
  • Sharing your Review on Social Media Platform -> 100 PodPoints after you share Review details with us


Q. How can I add my child’s birthdate?
A. You can add your child’s birthdate by logging into your account and select Account Details section. You will find a field to update the precious date 🎂

Q. I forgot to register / login and placed an Order. Will I get the PodPoints for this later?
A. PodPoints get applied to orders which are placed after being logged in. You are requested to register / login before placing any order to get PodPoints.

Q. How can I redeem my PodPoints?
A. Each PodPoint is equivalent to ₹1, and you can redeem your accumulated points while making your next purchase. This redemption is not available for COD – Cash on Delivery Orders.

Q. Do my PodPoints expire?
A. No, your PodPoints do not expire; they have lifetime validity. PodPoints awarded on your Child’s birthday would have a validity period of 1 year.

Q. Can I transfer my PodPoints to someone else?
A. PodPoints are non-transferable and can only be used by the customer who earned them.

Q. How can I check my PodPoints balance?
A. You can check your PodPoints balance by logging into your account on our website.

Q. Can I combine PodPoints with other discounts or promotions?
A. In most cases, PodPoints can be combined with other discounts, but there may be exceptions. Please check our 👉 rewards terms and conditions for specific details during the Offer or Promotion.

Q. Where can I see steps for each activity?
A. Please check our 👉 Rewards Guide for steps.

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