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How we got here.


Marked the beginning of a challenging yet transformative chapter in our lives as parents. Our child was born prematurely, and we soon realized the significance of building fine motor skills to aid his development. Initially, we tried traditional toys with lights and music, but they failed to captivate our child’s interest and interaction. As a parent you love to see an active and happy child.
In our quest for solutions, we sought advice from experts, including physiotherapists. We were recommended exploring toys that will help in developing skills, at the same time were fun for him. We discovered the power of open-ended toys that engaged and interacted with our child. The impact of these toys on our son’s confidence and hand-eye coordination was truly remarkable, leading to significant improvement in his fine motor skills.


Being a single child, we recognized the critical significance of keeping our little one engaged and occupied during the challenging period of the COVID pandemic. We ensured that we limit his screen time.
During those trying times when many parents were navigating the challenges of working from home, our commitment to keeping our child engaged and entertained paid off when our website 👉 PreHugged.com came into existence. By having a well-structured environment filled with enriching toys and activities, we found ourselves better able to concentrate on our work responsibilities while knowing that our child was engaged in meaningful and productive play..
As the months went by, we began to notice a clear difference in our child’s growth and development compared to some other kids who spent more time in front of screens. Our little one demonstrated enhanced problem-solving abilities, improved focus, and stronger social skills, thanks to the investment we made in his engagement and learning.
That was the time we felt inspired to spread this learning with other parents. And so, we introduced these curated Brand New toys on 👉 PreHugged.com alongside PreHugged Books and Donated Items.
Through detailed videos and content, we made sure that parents understood how these toys could benefit their children. With remote work becoming more prevalent, parents were actively seeking engaging options to support their children’s development while at home. The overwhelming response from parents confirmed that our approach was something special. They appreciated having a reliable place to find high-quality toys that not only entertained but also fostered continuous learning.


Fast forward to the present day, in 2023, we stand proudly behind this new website, entirely devoted to kids’ stuff. Our mission is simple yet profound: to offer a handpicked selection of engaging, entertaining, and educational products for children.
PeppyPod.com is not just a small family-owned business venture; it is our passion and calling. We firmly believe in empowering children with the right tools and experiences to thrive in their developmental journey. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to helping parents nurture their children’s potential, one fine motor skill at a time. Together, we create a world where learning is joyful, engaging, and meaningful, fostering a brighter future for the next generation.

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