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SprinkleSaurus Dino Bath Buddy Toy

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Only 3 left. Make sure you get it 😊

Transform bath time into a fun and magical experience with the SprinkleSaurus Dino Bath Buddy Toy. This delightful dinosaur-themed bath toy offers various water play options and captivating light effects, making it an exciting addition to your child’s bath routine. Designed to encourage imaginative play and sensory development, the SprinkleSaurus will quickly become a bath time favorite.

💦 Interactive Water Play:

  • Sensor Switch: Automatically activates when placed in water, providing hands-free fun.
  • Multiple Attachments: Comes with three different attachments and a ball, each creating unique water effects:
    • Blowing Ball Fountain: Watch as the ball is lifted and splashed into the Tub.
    • Fan Fountain: Enjoy the spinning fan that sprays water in a circular motion.
    • Flower Fountain: Delight in the gentle spray from the flower attachment.
    • Crown Fountain: Experience a regal water spray with the crown attachment.

🔋 Rechargeable Convenience:

  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery: No need for disposable batteries, just recharge using the included cable.
  • Long-Lasting Fun: Ensures extended playtime without frequent battery changes.

Country of Origin : China

Age : Suitable for 6 months – 4 years, This interactive and engaging toy will make every bath an adventure 🦖

Earn 17 Reward Points


Only 3 left. Make sure you get it 😊

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Educational Highlights:

🧠 Cognitive Development:

  • Cause and Effect: Children learn about cause and effect as they observe how the toy reacts to water.
  • Problem-Solving: Encourages problem-solving as children explore different attachments and their effects.

🤲 Motor Skills Development:

  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Enhances coordination as children manipulate the toy and its attachments.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Strengthens fine motor skills through hands-on water play.

🌟 Sensory Stimulation:

  • Visual and Tactile Stimulation: Combines visual lights and tactile water sprays to engage multiple senses.



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