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Splashy Pirate Duck Boat – Water Bath Toy

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Only 2 left. Make sure you get it 😊

Make bath time an adventurous and fun-filled experience with the Splashy Pirate Duck Boat. This water bath toy brings the excitement of a pirate adventure right into your bathtub. With three adorable duck sprinklers that can be attached to the boat, children will enjoy endless hours of imaginative play and water fun.

🚤 Interactive Boat:

  • Pirate-Themed Design: The pirate boat design adds a playful and adventurous element to bath time.
  • Duck Sprinklers: Comes with three cute duck sprinklers that can be easily attached to the boat for varied water play.

🔋 Battery-Powered Fun:

  • Requires 4 AAA Batteries: (Not included with the product). The boat is powered by 4 AAA batteries, ensuring plenty of interactive play time.
  • Easy to Use: Simple installation of batteries allows for quick setup and play.

💦 Exciting Water Play:

  • Sprinkler Action: The duck sprinklers create fun water sprays, enhancing the sensory experience and making bath time more enjoyable.

Country of Origin : China

Age : Suitable for 6 months – 4 years, Bring the thrill of a pirate adventure to your child’s bath time 🐤🏴‍☠️🛥️

Earn 15 Reward Points


Only 2 left. Make sure you get it 😊

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Educational Highlights:

🧠 Cognitive Development:

  • Cause and Effect: Children learn about cause and effect as they see how attaching the sprinklers to the boat creates different water effects.
  • Problem-Solving: Encourages problem-solving as children figure out how to attach and use the sprinklers.

🤲 Motor Skills Development:

  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Enhances coordination as children manipulate the boat and sprinklers.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Strengthens fine motor skills through hands-on water play.

🌟 Sensory Stimulation:

  • Visual and Tactile Stimulation: Combines visual elements and tactile water sprays to engage multiple senses.



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