Only 3 left. Make sure you get it 😊

Magnetic Tiles : 70 pcs with Magnetic Car and Ferris Wheel

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Only 3 left. Make sure you get it 😊

Let your child’s creativity soar with our Magnetic Tiles set! These versatile, colorful tiles are perfect for building imaginative structures like castles, roadways, and much more. The set also includes a magnetic car, allowing kids to create trucks or any vehicle their imagination can dream up.

πŸ”· Versatile Building: With 70 pieces, children can construct a variety of structures, from towering castles to complex roadways, using their creativity and imagination.

πŸš— Magnetic Car: The included magnetic car can be transformed into different vehicles, adding an extra layer of creativity and fun to the building experience.

🎑 Ferris Wheel: The Ferris wheel component allows kids to build a dynamic and interactive structure, enhancing their building skills and imagination.

🌈 Vibrant Colors: The tiles come in an array of bright colors, making each creation visually appealing and engaging.

🧲 Strong Magnets: The powerful magnets ensure that structures stay intact, allowing children to build larger and more complex designs without frustration.

Country of Origin : China

Age : Suitable for 3-6 years, Unlock a world of creativity and fun with our Magnetic Tiles: 70 Pieces with Magnetic Car and Ferris Wheelβ€”where imagination meets construction! πŸŽ‘πŸš—

Earn 49 Reward Points


Only 3 left. Make sure you get it 😊

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Educational Highlights:

🧠 Cognitive Development: Building with magnetic tiles enhances spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, and understanding of geometric concepts.

πŸ€Ήβ€β™‚οΈ Motor Skills: Assembling the tiles and creating structures improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

🎨 Creativity and Imagination: The open-ended nature of the tiles encourages children to think creatively and use their imagination to bring their ideas to life.

Benefits for Kids:

🌈 Endless Fun: The endless possibilities for building keep children engaged and entertained for hours.

🀝 Social Interaction: Playing with magnetic tiles in groups fosters teamwork, communication, and collaborative problem-solving.

πŸ… Confidence Building: Successfully creating structures and seeing their ideas come to life boosts children’s confidence and sense of achievement.

🌟 Educational Play: The magnetic tiles offer a fun and interactive way for children to learn about shapes, colors, and physics through hands-on play.




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